Building a Mystery Solar Device Fun Game

Monday, September 18, 2006

Kids from at this Kerrisdale day camp built a mystery solar-powered device. Its a fun and educational game enjoyed by all, as everybody built the device. There is no "wrong" way to build this machine, so everyone's a winner!

It was also popular at the GVRD's Country Celebration, where kids up to age 65 visited the Solar Power Roadshow tent to build this mystery machine. If you attended the Sustainable Energy Magic Show at the GVRD Country Celebration, you got an unexpected tree-saving bonus: You would have learned how to save $250/year by using another mystery device that is very popular in France, but is virtually unknown in Vancouver. It takes only 15 minutes to install, and many hotels in France use it. It saves trees while you save money. Do you know what this is, and how could you use it at home?